Monday, October 1, 2012

The Day After

Saturday was a crazy-long day. Gymnastics meet, driving, laughter, long waits, bleachers, heart-palpitating events, gasps watching others fall from high bars, and cheers for great results from our girls.

Sunday, the day after, was a recovery day

...a day at a slow pace

...a day filled with contentment, rest, reading, fall weather, and watching my gymnasts have fun outside...just laughing and playing. 

Let me show you...

First, the day...A PERFECT FALL DAY!

Then, my sunset chairs, (or in this case, fall color chairs), complete with book, drink, and sounds of my girls laughing in the distance...

From every angle, including UP, the world was beautiful from the sunset chairs

Then I watched my girls engage in fall fun...

First, find kitty...

Second, place kitty in leaf pile (with "don't you like it?" being overheard)

Third, follow kitty into leaf pile

Fourth, mimic kitty in burrowing under leaf pile, and emerge fully covered

Finally, add a kitchen and guest room to their fort

What a joy to see them play. Not train, not compete, not focus on perfect kips, jumps, routines...

...just play. 

And you know what? I followed their really was a fantastic day just play.

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