Tuesday, December 18, 2012

100 Words, 4 Word Clouds, One Robot Life

I love writing.

I love writing music, lyrics, articles, and I've absolutely loved writing these blog entries. I wanted to look back to summarize my 3 years of blogging and thought that instead of telling you what what the blog has meant to me, let's look at what the words tell us directly.

Here, with no editing, is what justarobot.com had to say:
To see the word clouds in full, click the thumbnail.
Note: For the geeks, I exported my entire blog...every word of every post and comment...and added the content to wordle.net where I created word clouds. These clouds count up how many times I use a word (not counting common words like 'is'), and the larger the word, the more frequently I used it. Finally, the words are visualized.

To me, it said:
  • Life has hard moments, but pales to the love I've found
  • I have great family
  • There's always a next song
  • Always looking for the next experience
  • My wife comes before guitars (and it looks like I love and need both) :-)
  • My wife makes adventure good
  • I hope for good adventure...even at home
  • Music is central to what Greg thinks about
  • Best moments are when God is first in my day
  • I worry about the time I spend at work
  • New songs are awesome and keep me happy

If I look at it differently, I get a different view:

This time I see:
  • I love being on stage
  • God is why I started first playing music
  • I need family to be happy - including my church family
  • Guitar is much fun!
  • I have an amazing life
  • I get to grow old with my wife
  • I sometimes feel old
  • One great song is my dream
  • Playing a concert is like living in another world
  • I found adventure throughout my years

Next, if I filter to show only the top 100 words I used:

I see:
  • First go to a concert, play guitar
  • I love time at home
  • I need adventure, and every adventure should always involve my wife
  • Music makes me see happy
  • I've got One.Great.Life filled with Song.Love.Music.

This last view tells me...
  • These years have been quite amazing
  • I think I've got it really good
  • I want music in my day
  • I love my wife
  • My kids are awesome
  • Love makes great adventures...and great songs
  • Remember to play and feel happy
  • To feel happy play something on my guitar
  • Jesus, life, christmas...all gifts
  • Now is the time for even one concert to hear a little guitar

I think that sums it up well.

I look forward to see what the next 100 blog posts bring.

What phrases popped out at you as you saw these word clouds?
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