Monday, November 23, 2009

2009-11-22: Brian Setzer Orchestra

11-22-2009: Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Extravaganza!
Where: Mystic Lake Casino, Prior Lake, MN
Went with: Wife, Dave and Paula
Times: twice. (last time in ‘06)


Yeah. I love shows that focus on guitars (these were on display next to a ‘register to win’ area. I hope to update this post with my winning guitar ;-)   ) 

Brian Setzer is one of my favorite guitarists and it works out well that my wife loves the big-band music he performs.


Christmas show. Wonderful! His wife sings backup…kind of a dream of me and the missus.


My favorite part is when they break down to just 3 players. SO much sound coming out of these three guys. Bass player was so impressive. Notice him STANDING on his bass!!! SOOOO cool. The drummer is also standing while playing (just kick, snare, tom, cymbal)


The only bummer? Mr. and Mrs Mellonhead were sitting in front of me, and Mr. Munster in front of them. AND, they were playing “Rock this Town” and nobody stood up!!! The wife and I were bouncing in our seats, stood up during “Jump, Jive, and Wail” and couldn’t believe these folks wouldn’t stand and move.

Ah well. Wonderful show. Stunning guitar work, and it even snowed indoors. Great great show.

2009-11-21: Pastel Black

11-21-2009: Pastel Black
Where: Rookies, Rochester, MN 
Went with: Wife, Steve and Jen, Jane
Times: 4 times!IMG_2334

…or as I call them “The Oomlat Boys”. I love these guys. It’s a somewhat local band that plays 80’s hair metal. Just Love it! Even better, the bass player in our worship band, Mark, just started playing bass with them. So now I can hear my favorite music thru my favorite cover band with my favorite bass player!

I’ve seen other cover bands and I have wondered why I like these guys so much? Here are a few thoughts:

- Steve: My friend Steve works with the guitar guy (WooooW is guitar-guy good!!!) and dragged me to Winona to see them…then to Pine Island…then to Winona again. It’s great fun to hang out with him (also since I have so few friends…but enough non-roboty talk)

- They really respect the music! The singer is older but can hit the notes wonderfully. Guitar-guy is younger but can hit every note like any guitar-god. Drummer…good! Bass player…lovely! I think other bands almost mock the music but these guys have so much fun…and they’re not crude or lude just wonderfully fun

- The oomlat is over the ‘S’ of Pastel Black. That is soooo funny to me. Classic rock-n-roll style…like flipping the bird at authority in a wonderfully wholesome manner!

-They let me sing TNT! Rockin!!!! (That’s me and grandpa singer)


Friday, November 13, 2009

2009-09-29: Miley Cyrus

09-29-2009: Miley Cyrus
Where: Target Center, Minneapolis
Went with: Nobody! Girlies and Niece went together

Ok. I didn't go to this concert but I paid for it so my girls and niece could...and am so glad I did! They loved it and I felt I got closer to them because now we have more in common. There's just nothing like it.
Update: After this initial post, I received some ‘parenting guidance’ on how terrible it was to let them go to this concert. I withheld any commenting but considered showing my ‘Devil-Horn’ photo from the AC/DC concert and how I would LOVE to share that experience with my son. While I am a Jesus-follower, I’m getting quite tired of holy zealots and their goal to ‘shock’ the world to understand how evil it is. I actually think that Jesus wouldn’t mind rockin’ out to some AC/DC or Miley. He would find the concert-goers wonderfully kind and engaging, and find the concert a great talking point to explore the topics that are brought up.
My other idea was to say, “It’s just entertainment!!! Now, where’s my ‘how to prostitutionalize your daughters in 5 Miley steps’ monthly newsletter? AH THERE IT IS…right next to my Patron for kids video and my I heart the devil t-shirt”

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2009-11-11: Gal Costa & Romero Lubambo

11-11-09: Gal Costa & Romero Lubambo
Where: Blue Note Jazz Club NYC
Went with: Myself

I know. You're thinking "Who" and "Why" and "Where's the PRS?" Well it was related to my pursuit of all things PRS. I was in NYC for a customer briefing. Since the airlines didn’t cooperate I had to fly in Tuesday evening and fly out Thursday morning. That left ample time to search for fun things to do. One of my new favorites is going to “Rudy’s” guitar shop and find guitars. Wednesday morning I played a PRS acoustic Tonare Grand. Beautiful acoustic that I hope to one day own. Actually, I'm torn because I always wanted the cutaway version (Angelus) but Rudy's didn't have it...just the full rounded version. It played and sounded so beautiful I'm not sure I want the cutaway anymore.

Anyway, I was in the mood for acoustic guitar music and this was the closest thing I could find. Brazilian. Actually they're both from Brazil and quite popular. Every song...2 measures in...prompted a big "Ahhh!" and applause from the audience. I didn't know any of the songs. She has a great voice and the guy was an amazing acoustic bosa nova guitar player. wonderful!

Anywho it was great fun. Got to listen to music I normally don't hear in a famous jazz club and sat next to people I would have never met before (a table of marketing CFO-types that live in the city…and a girl from Israel who loves Gal Costa).
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