Monday, May 26, 2014

Starting the Journey Where Memorial Day Hits Home

I've always tried to respect Memorial Day for what it is really for: Honoring those that are serving today and those that gave their lives while serving our country. To be honest I've greatly enjoyed the 3-day weekend of relaxing, campfires, and grilling. Maybe all that helps me personalize the gift those in the military provide.

But today is a bit different. This is the first Memorial Day that officially affects our home: Two months ago my 17 year old enlisted into the Army National Guard.

He is very excited, as are we. It's all good news right now, and I fully hope and pray it continues to be. The benefits of being in the guard are many. I'm sure that as this journey unfolds we will have many ups and downs, and some day some bad news may come. There is the remote possibility that some day some very very bad news will come.

Through it all we know our son chooses this on his own; it's his life, his journey, and we are honored to be along for the ride to see what countless other families of those serving see: How one life can be forever changed through serving while at the same time see how this one life can change countless other lives that are being served.

I'm very proud of you, Cole Gregory Hintermeister. I can't wait to see how your last year of high school, first year of National Guard, and the beginning of your great adventure unfolds.

...and while you are away exploring your dreams...

...we'll be here...

...saving you a seat in your honor...

...and looking proudly at the flag you serve...


Friday, May 23, 2014

Ready to Fly!

I’ve climbed hard

I’ve reached this plateau

The view is awesome

I’ve been recognized for being among the best

Others are continuing to climb towards the peak...

...they want to become even better

I will not continue with them

I am sad, but sure of my decision
The work to climb this far has made me who I am

I am satisfied with reaching this plateau


...there are other peaks to climb!

This plateau is a great place to launch from

Some want to reach the very top of this peak

Good for them

They’ll experience things I never will


I want to explore other peaks

I’ll experience things they never will

I’m ready…

I have my glider on...

I step back…

...and LEAP!


Instantly I look back and a wave of fear overcomes me…

…what if that peak was all that I’m really good at?

…what about my friends still climbing?

…what if all I do is glide to the bottom and whither?


Then I look forward…

There are peaks as far as I can see!

Some are small

Some are taller than the one I was climbing

My fear disappears and is replaced by…


I can’t wait to explore what’s out here



I’ve always wanted to climb that…

I could not even see it from the last peak

I land…

...not at the bottom…

…but at the beginning.


Dedicated to my wonderful, brave, and wise daughter who ended her gymnastics career today. I love you so completely and I can’t wait to see what you explore next!

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