Saturday, December 29, 2018

We'll Take It From Here

For nearly 18 years my wife and I have raised twin girls (two of our four kids...with boys on either side).  Most of that journey has been us trying to make the best decisions we could for them so that they would thrive and become competent, productive, and kind adults.

While I can't pinpoint the date, at some point in the past year it changed from guiding and making decisions to watching and giving advice.

...from "What should we do?" to "We'll take it from here"

...and that's a wonderful feeling.

This photo of them during our Christmas getaway at my brother's cabin, to me, reflects that reality. They are in front, forging their own path, independent, yet close enough to each other for support.

One is certain and sure and is headed straight to her target.

The other is exploring which path to take....which will be most fulfilling and satisfying.

I love that.

Of course we will give observations, facts, multiple points of view, but in the end, this is their they have already accepted and "own".

I love them to pieces, and I can't wait to see which path each decides to embark on...and I won't have to wait long...they decide in just a few months!

Whatever they decide, they know we will support them and cheer them on...but they also know it's not going to be perfect. There will be pain, troubles, fear, doubt, and sadness. But then, that's true about everything in life.  Those moments of hardship help them learn, improve, and make their eventual triumphs even that much more rewarding (I should remember that myself)

...and while they are finding their own path, in a way they'll be out there together...I'm so grateful they have each other to lean on while they are out there in the wild.

Here's to 2019...a year of amazing changes and adventures for us all.

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