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I had dreams of being a rock star. No, not dreams…full fledged plans. I wrote, recorded, gigged songs that I wrote with a business plan to '”make it” as a songwriter.

…I sent demo cassettes (I know…I’m old) to record companies
…I got rejection letters
…I started to gig around
…I toured the world with Up With People, assuming that would catapult me into the music industry

20 years later I’ve arrived at a much different destination. I’ve been quite blessed in my life but I’ve discovered I still need to write songs and share them (thanks Jewel). Whether from my old archives, from my rock star days, from the recent past, or new and fresh, I need to share these songs in hopes that they might impact you as much as they, and the events that inspired them, impacted me.

Albums by a Robot

Available on iTunesAmazon, and Google Play. You can also hear it streaming on Spotify and everywhere you listen to music.

Ghost In Wonderland
Available on iTunesAmazonand Google Play. You can also hear it streaming on Spotify and everywhere you listen to music

Songs by a Robot

Call to action.   Unity.   Love.   Support. Sometimes the song writes itself...and sometimes the guitar writes it for you. My 12-string definitely wrote this song.
Composed and recorded in 2021 

Don't Look Back
Urgency.   Love.   Exploration.   Adventure.   Regret.   Yearning.   "Don't Look Back" is an important song for me. Yet, for years I assumed it was lost.
Composed in 1987-1991, finished in 2019. Recorded in 2019

Just Beneath The Surface
Regardless of the ambition, joy, kindness, or wisdom a man projects, it's what lies just beneath the surface that reveals his true nature.
Composed and recorded in 2018

At The Edge
We are all at the edge...good or bad. What we do with we react at the edge...will shape our lives
Composed and recorded in 2017

I Hate, I Love
I started writing this song with a desperation to get out of a life situation I was in...only to realize it wasn't the situation that needed to change...but my attitude and how grateful I should be for all the amazing situations that make up my life.
Composed in 2016-2017. Recorded in 2017

A moment of clarity, and 13 months of crafting lyrics, and a rockin' finish to a song based on a favorite blog post.
Composed in 2011, finished in 2012. Recorded in 2012

Gonna Get High
It all started with an inside joke about my new guitar. It ended with a surprisingly uplifting and passionate song.
Composed and recorded in 2011

Pocket Man
About a boy who loves life, explores with all his senses, and tries to capture all that this beautiful world has to offer...and crams it ALL into his pockets.
Composed 2007, 2011. Recorded in 2011

Hello, Happy!
Sometimes I’m happy. Really happy.
Composed and Recorded in 2007.

Everything’s Gold 
What’s your top priority in life?
Composed in 1999. Recorded in 2011

Be to Me
The yearning of a son longing to have his dad’s attention. Fictional story :-)
Composed in 2000. Recorded in 2010.

Alice Wonders
Sometimes, in order to take a BIG BITE out of life, you need the right soundtrack for life.
Composed and Recorded in 2002.

No Uncertainty
”Dedicated to all the ladies out there…”.
Composed in 1992, 2010. Recorded in 2010.

Spiritual Honeymoon Looking back and longing for what was.
Composed 2000. Recorded 2005.

I've received some amazing gifts on Christmas morn.
Composed and Recorded in 1995

The Rock
The first song that hinted at some skills.
Recorded in 1986.

…more to come…
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