Monday, May 23, 2011

Funny? Cute? Dorky? or Lame?

No, I’m not asking you to rank me personally. I’m not that desperate for validation.
…besides, I unfortunately know how many of you would vote :-)
I’m asking you to rank a portion of this How To video.
Here’s the story:
I recently repaired my Roland RD-500 digital piano, and I recorded video of my experience. It’s keyboard hammers have been breaking every so often over 2 years time, so after my 2nd visit to the ‘pro’ repair shop, I was told I should just get a new keyboard. Well, the HinterScrooge inside of me couldn’t accept that so I went about finding how to repair it.
Anyway, everything went well…well enough that I also repaired my church’s RD-600.
(Tip, always follow biblical teaching in these circumstances. Haggai 3:56 says “Better to learn how to repair your own electronic device rather than get all ‘know-it-all-y’ and completely break the holy keyboard of our Lord…lest you forfeit your first born…or your first guitar…whichever is more painful to part with” )
I digress.
My point: At about 8 minutes into the video, I must have been getting loopy, because I added a sub-plot to the how-to video.
Yes, a sub-plot.
I don’t mention it in the YouTube description because I thought it would be refreshing if someone was actually learning something through this video, then after 8 minutes they’d get a little scene change.
But my smile-o-meter must be broken because I can’t decide if it’s actually funny, just cute, kinda dorky, or just plain lame.
Here’s the video:
So, what is it?
Funny?  Cute?  Dorky?  or just Lame?
Also, check back to see if any RD-500 user ‘in the wild’ comments on the video :-)
Happy voting!
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