Sunday, May 17, 2015

Opportunity-Driven Employer - A Culver’s Shoutout

My oldest works at Culver’s, and has for a couple years.. One of my daughters just applied, interviewed, and was hired the same day.

I am extremely grateful to this local business for taking the chance on my two kids.

But my main question is: Why?

Why would Culver’s take kids with no skills, spend money to train them, and depend on these kids to be the front-line to represent their company to customers? What kind of thinking, or leader, creates this culture? I mean, the place I work is filled with pressure to impact the business…and to show how you’re impacting the business on a weekly basis. In a nutshell the culture where I work reflects, "what have you done for me?” model.

But Culver's seems different. It’s culture seems to focus on, “How can we provide opportunity for you”, or "how can we help our community become better by creating well-rounded, dependable workers?”. From my view, the mission of Culver's is to find kids who are eager to try new things, take on challenges, learn, work hard, and give them a chance to grow into great employees.

What did this culture give our family?

For my oldest, it gave him a place to prove himself, to call his own, to be responsible, even a chance to learn that unpleasant consequences happen if you don’t think through your responsibility. He has grown so much. Now that he’s heading off to Basic Training, Culver’s is not only supporting his decision but is offering him a place to expand his responsibilities when he returns.

When my daughter applied and interviewed, they recognized that because of my oldest’s character, when my daughter interviewed, all she had to say was “My brother works here”, and their instant impression of her rose.

I’m so proud of my son…it speaks volumes for any employer to say, “We like Cole”, and to take his work ethic as reason enough to consider a new, eager-to-work but unskilled girl and train her.

I’m so proud of my daughter…for starting her path to independence...flapping her wings…and getting a job on her own. She’s got goals set, and identifies what she needs to do to reach them.

Does Culver’s get tough? Absolutely. They need to. They are working with young men and women who sometimes have never had to be responsible for anything and are molding them to be productive members of the team...

…but at the same time, they are providing a service to our community I still can’t get my head around: They have NO BUSINESS REASON to use this labor force. I’m sure some would say it’s all you get for minimum wage workers, but there’s something different … at least about this Culver’s (South side of Rochester, MN).

It’s like they have a hidden agenda:

That while they look like they spend each day crafting and making Butter Burgers and Custard, their true purpose is to craft and make productive, hard-working, and character-driven members of the community…and the food part is just the way to keep the education, training, and character-building going.

Thank you, Culver’s. From a grateful Dad.

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