Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sometimes…Guns ARE The Solution!

Thanks to my friend Steve, I just had one of the most beautiful, exciting, fiercest family-bonding afternoons of my life.

We learned what it means…

…to be responsible
…to have respect
…to laugh out loud
…to share
…to ride

…and to shout “Fire in the Hole!”

Yep. We shot guns.

2010-08-29Lots of guns. Cool guns.

Not just the adults. The whole family (The Nuge would be proud).

And not just at paper targets…

…we shot steel targets
…we shot jugs filled with water
…and shot jugs filled with explosives

That was my favorite :-)

My oldest got to ride hard and fast on a four-wheeler with his buddy.


He learned what it feels like to be free…and to have his life flash before his eyes as he almost falls…but recover and careen back wide-eyed and grinning ear-to-ear. His smiles were priceless. He learned to value and savor moments like this, and to engage the world to take advantage of what it has to offer.

He also learned how to catch air from a ditch at 32 mph.

My girls learned that life can be very dangerous, but with the proper respect and training, that danger can be wielded to their advantage…and high caliber joy can result.2010-08-29 Shooting1They also learned to reload in 2.3 seconds.

My youngest learned patience brings reward, that weapons are not toys, and 4-wheeling is awesome.
2010-08-29 ShootingHe also learned how to double-tap the center mass of his target using a semi-automatic. Oh yes.

My wife got to fire a hand gun. Not just any hand gun. a .357 Magnum. DAMN that was awesome. That bowling pin will never cross her again.IMG_0068

What did I learn?

…the right instructor teaches safety, respect, and fun
…handling a weapon opens your eyes to the real world
…blowing things up is really, really fun. Seriously
…my family is the best
…my wife looks awesome wielding a .357 Magnum
…shooting is the Hope Diamond of quality family time

Life skills result from weapons handling: respect, self-control, knowing limits, joy, safety, fun, friendship, companionship, right and wrong, sharing, connecting with God and nature, all of it. Maybe there’s an essay in the future on this.

Most of all? Everyone will remember this and SMILE!

Enjoy this movie of our adventures…we’ll be SURE to do this again

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