Friday, August 6, 2010

Fireside Chat

Ever been to a funeral where long after the ceremony, friends and family sit around reminiscing and having a great time remembering that person? I have. The only bummer is that the person being honored isn’t there! Since my dad is still alive and kicking at almost 72 now, I knew I had to do something unique…

My dad turned 70 almost 2 years ago. My brother and I surprised him and flew down to Florida (where they live) to take him on a 2 day salt-water fishing trip.

He was very surprised!


…and we each caught some big ones!

Fishing 2008

…and not-so-big-ones…

2008 Fishing Trip1

It was a weekend filled with laughter, early mornings, late nights, great food, hurricanes (just one), unique experiences,  manatees, dolphins, long drives, and three men enjoying each other like they did years ago catching crappies in Minnesota on Clearwater Lake.

2008 Fishing Trip

For a present I created a memory-filled document I called “Fireside Chat”. I wanted my dad to know what an impact he had on those close to him over the years (without waiting for his funeral!) so I contacted family and friends and asked them to send memories, stories, and thoughts regarding my dad. I then compiled it into an imaginary fireside chat.

--> Click Here to Read “Fireside Chat” <--

I’ve always meant to share it sooner, but there it is now. Enjoy.

I love you, Dad. Hope we can do this again on your 80th.

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