Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011-02-13 Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith

02-13-2011: Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith
Where: Orpheum, Minneapolis MN
Went with: Wife

What’s your sweet spot?

You know, that thing you are really good at? The one place you perform at your absolute best? That passion in your life God has gifted you to excel at?

Sometimes it’s hard to find, so you try a lot of different things to see what works out.

But sometimes you find your sweet spot early on because it’s so obvious. Yet eventually those around you encourage you to ‘try something new’, or ‘stretch yourself’, or say ‘a broad set of skills is critical to maintain a long career’. Or, other priorities get in the way and you just stop doing what you were made for, and end up losing impact, satisfaction, and all around joy in life.

You see, I lost my sweet spot, and I used to wonder if I’d ever find it again.

And then I went to the Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith show with my wife.IMG_2223
Mike and Amy were made to write songs and perform them on stage together. It was so amazing to watch. The comfort, intuition, and trust they have for each other is obvious.

While they’ve traveled many different paths in their musical lives, some being quite successful, when Mike and Amy get on the same stage and share the songs that define their career…

…they are definitely in their sweet spot.2011-02-14 Amy Grant Mike Smith
The concert itself was filled with hit songs, beautiful lyrics, rocking musicians, life stories, and obvious shared emotion when they talk about the impact each has had on the other’s life. I think they realize they found their sweet spot again, too.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that we were able to get 2nd row seats! 076
And you know what?

…This show helped me find my sweet spot again.

My sweet spot is playing original music with my wife. We started when we were both 17, and while we are still deeply involved with music together, it’s just not the same as when we sing and play original music.

When we are playing and singing together to a receptive crowd, it is one of the best moments that we share. While I’m not much of a singer, our duets are quite effective. Maybe it’s my raw tones mixed with her perfect tones that blend into a real-world sound that all listeners can relate to. Maybe it’s the way that we can anticipate where we are going in a song based solely on a breath, a look, or a loving glance that makes the music so meaningful and powerful.

Or maybe it’s our comfort, intuition, and trust we have on stage that help communicate our love for each other…and our love for our Savior…which is what having a sweet spot is all about in the first place.

My hope? That I can readjust my priorities so we can use our sweet spot more. I need to write more songs with her as lead vocal. I’ve got one song written that I can’t wait to share…and I think there are some more that are on the tip of my fingers just waiting to come out.

Thank you, Mike and Amy, for helping me find my sweet spot again…and for reigniting a passion to create music with my wife.

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