Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunset Chair Adventures: Reservoir Hunt

Let me take  you on an adventure inspired from my Sunset Chair Clarity post.

The Reservoir hunt.

It started with a stated goal to “have a grand adventure and discover what’s out there”, and a hidden goal to create memories with my youngest three while my oldest was creating his own memories in Canada.

Here’s what we found:

Finding #1:
A fallen cottonwood tree is a perfect source of summertime snow. PLUS, it is soft and fluffy and very much feels like a tree-full of kittens (Now if I could only invent that, I’d be rich!)IMG_2663

Finding #2:
Meadow creek. Soft mud that oozes between your toes in a way that doesn’t feel icky…instead strangely comforting and therapeutic. Almost like we’re reconnecting with our love of nature (That, or we’re just a really weird family that likes to get dirty)IMG_2666 

Finding #3:
Storms can bring down trees and leave quite a story. The evidence the littles gathered showed that the tree fell within the past few days (green leaves, freshly mowed path…under the tree) and lived a happy life with lots of friends (caterpillars). The imagination of the littles theorized that while happy, the end was abrupt and sad, when, upon falling, the tree realized that it did not, in fact, have 1000 little green wings that would lift it up, up, and away if only it could rid itself of its rooty prison chains.IMG_2667 

Finding #4:
A rocky creek bed can be the foundation for adventure, creature habitat, and, of course, a make-shift fashion show catwalk.IMG_2669 

Finding #5:
Money doesn’t grow on trees, but an organic gymnastic beam routine, squealy fun, and the thrill of watching water rushing under feet while suspended does. Oh, that and “weird mushroom thingys” (scientific name according to middle little).


Finding #6:
Time machines do exist. They’re called ‘watering holes’. Kids can step into one and travel back to experience how kids of all ages have been splashing, swimming, mudding, and all-out enjoying them since the year 37 AD. Of course we all know why…the year 36 AD was when the dinosaurs had enough of hiding from us humans and relocated to subterranean Antarctica…where they spend day after day basking in the 72 degree glow of the underground lava streams. Amazing what you learn from Wikipedia.

Finding #7:
The dirtier the fingernails, the happier the heart. The smaller the creature, the bigger the smile. The wigglier the tail, the gigglier the laughter.

Finding #8:
I love these littles (and their oldest) much more than I ever thought I could. Today I looked at them filled with love and full of pride as we walked home from our adventure. They really soaked it all in (figuratively and physically)!     IMG_2685

I can’t wait to see what adventure awaits just around the bend…

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