Saturday, November 3, 2012

What I Hear Between The Drums

Take a listen to this awesomeness...this is a great example of the Mayo High School drum line where my son plays Bass Drum 1 (smallest bass drum)

While others may hear cool drum riffs, here's what I hear:

A sophomore who has found his place

A captain whose passion for excellence permeates throughout her team, and who is more satisfied showing off her team rather than her self

A group who accepts each other even though they're different

A group of unique individuals who learn to use their differences to have a unified, amazing impact on those who are willing to hear

A father who is grateful for it can rescue a teen

A son who learns discipline + effort = reward

A team who teaches that hard work and practice pay off

A group who thinks it's cool to dedicate themselves to something that's not easy and requires focus

A group that IS cool because of the awesome drum rhythms they pull off together

A group who smiles at excellence...not to gloat, but because it's just so dang fun

Thank you, Mayo High School Drum Line...for inviting my son into a tight-knit group where old-fashioned hard work, practice, excellence, and acceptance are encouraged.

I am forever grateful.

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