Thursday, July 11, 2013

Talk To Me, Goose

I'm still in the air, but many around me have been hit

So much chaos flying around it's impossible to focus

I'm so thankful I personally didn't get hit

...but I grieve for them

I'm grateful to be in the air

But the shards from those that did get hit are greatly affecting me

I'm spinning so fast I don't know which way is up

Somewhere inside I've got fuel that can propel me forward

But where are the thrusters?

I feel my wingmen are gone…

…some were great leaders who guided me

…some were informal mentors whom I emulated

…and some were peers who I fought-the-good-fight with

Now I feel alone


Lost my direction…my purpose…my peace

Talk to me, Goose…

I'm not asking for an easy ride…

Just a spark to re-ignite my thrusters


...I could eject…

…and watch all that I'm responsible for in life crumble.

Talk to me, Goose…

I need to engage…help me engage.

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