Saturday, December 7, 2013

Playing With Photography - Week 1

Last post I talked about my black friday adventure (notice I did not capitalize the b or f. I'm angry at it still and it's my own literary way to slap that day in the face).

The very next day, I saw a bunch of "Photo Challenges" to take photos of certain things each day. I thought it was perfect timing, so I started. However, I soon found that what I was interested in photoing was not necessarily what was on their list, so in my usual HINTER fashion, I'm doing my own challenge. Here is what I photo'd in Week 1.
Note: click a photo to see a bigger version. Note 2: I had to 'dumb down' the quality…the originals are 6MB and I can drop in much smaller areas with the 26mega pixel size :-)

Things Right In Front of Me
I'm not lazy…I'm just excited to see what this camera can do!!! My first few pics were things right in front of me, like…

My bonsai tree - I loved the closeup of the roots and rocks and how everything else blurred out

A flower in a vase - This was at night so I altered ISO but also took flash

Wife's bird feeder - Crazy Bird Lady likes her birds, and now we can get great shots of them

Things I Play With
I just HAD to try out action shots since the whole reason for the camera was to get action shots of our girls. Since girls weren't around, I tried it out on pup.

Orchid returning with glee in her eyes (I added a blur effect after)

Love the intensity of her eyes laser-focused on her prey/frisbee

Her leaps and bounds captured here in mid bound

Things I'm Proud Of
I am so proud of this young man so wanted to capture a deep thought

Things In Low Light
I like a challenge. I wanted to see how well some ornaments would show up in low light if I kept the shutter open for a long time. These were 2.5 seconds, and I found even with tripod I needed to use the timer since my pushing the button bobbled the camera enough to blur.

I love the colors and sparkles captured here

This "J" is subtle, but I love the richness it conveys

Things In Focus
I love showing things in focus with the background a bit blurry. Seems to make the subject pop out…and I'm quite happy with the clarity of the subject…

Mic with drums in the background - Excited for other cool studio shots

Pup in front of our christmas tree

Well, that's all for week one.  This coming week will be a challenge to think of other things but we'll see what comes up.

Until next time, happy photo hunting!!!

Any suggestions on what I should photo next?

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