Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014 - Capturing What’s Important

Sometimes what’s truly important stares at me in the face all year long, and I not only ignore it, I antagonize it because this year was all about ME. Only when I pause long enough to rest, look around, look at my past year, do I notice.

What did I notice this week?

It’s captured in this photo:

A family I love, and who, I think, loves each other through all kinds of adventures good and bad.

History of past Christmases sprinkled across the tree…reminding me of how many adventure we’ve had.

A tired Greg who felt quite unsuccessful this year. But also that the things I struggled with? Not anywhere in the photo.

A 11 year old son who I am more impressed with every day…who is caring, thoughtful, and so smart that he actually could do anything he set his mind to. 

An almost 14 year old daughter who delights me with her confidence, laughter, and the way she feigns disgust with certain school subjects yet aces them. Her exploration into acting and singing fills me with antici...pation with what adventures will unfold before her.

Another almost 14 year old daughter who impresses me with her attitude and determination. Whether it’s taking instruction from me in math, the way she stays on top of school work, or the way she puts 20 hours of gymnastics in to become the best gymnast she can be. Her curiosity will propel her far.

A wife whom I adore so much. I haven’t told her that much this year. Like I said, most of the year was about me and my valley. She’s solo parented when I traveled, had her own valley yet was supportive and understanding the whole year...and she spoke her mind when I needed it.  Her picking the most awesome songs for her to sing and me to play this year have been wonderfully therapeutic. For me, my journey through this life sparkles because of her…not much different than the tree in the photo sparkles because of the lights that surround it.

An almost 18 year old son whom I am so proud of. He’s ready to launch, has his thrusters on, and is just waiting for graduation day to blast off. First to basic training, then to university, then to who-knows-where. All I know is that I can’t wait to watch through my telescope how his adventures unfold.

A dog. A damn dog. A heart-stealing, character-building, couldn’t-engineer-a-cuter-animal dog that through training, has taught me more than I ever imagined.

Finally, upon closer inspection, this photo captures a hopefully successful, but probably poor, attempt to bookend this family with LOVE and Jesus…on one side to approach every interaction this family has with a goal to build up, cherish, support, and teach how to act in the world, and on the other side build a foundation of faith in Jesus that can guide and inform each member of this family in everything they do.

For me, I cherish this photo. My hope is to be more intentional with what is in this photo. To not let little things distract me. Maybe I’ll have to write more to help focus…more posts, more songs...

Who knows, maybe the next year will be filled with awesomeness and adventures…not just because I'm more intentional with what I do, but because I'm more intentional with how I react to what happens.

Here’s to an amazing 2015.

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