Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Orchid

This dog is nothing if not photogenic. I could take photos of her all day...her expressions, colorings, eyes, and honestly, she really wears a bow well!

(click to enlarge)
    1/8 at f/4.5  ISO3200   28mm           Lens: Nikkor 18-55mm
Edited in Lightroom for color and some spot exposure changes

It was during this 'shoot' that I realized my close-up kit lens is lacking. My dad got a f/1.8 35mm lens that was just fantastic! However, I did my best with my kit lens. I kept her still while I used a longer exposure so enough light would come in but not so long it would get blurry. I also bought a cheap $7 wired remote trigger so the camera wouldn't shake on the tripod when I pressed it. My camera does have a 2sec and 10 sec delay mode, but for a doggie, that's pretty long to stay still!

Of course, Christmas is a great time for photos, what with the colors, gifts, and lights in the background. But, at least for me, the subject of the photo is what makes it memorable.

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