Friday, December 18, 2015

Back In The Game

December 11th was the first gymnastics meet I saw of my 9th grade daughter since she started high school gymnastics (competing varsity level). After a rough previous year at club gymnastics, and a lot of injuries, I was extra excited to see her compete. 

Of course I brought my camera.  It was so fun to capture...

The poise she brings to the floor:

(click photo for larger gallery view)

The way she floats across the vault:

Suspends herself in mid-air:

Focuses on her lines during her routines:

Her team - the support and camaraderie...and smiles!


Now I try to pick the 'best' shots, but as I look at her performance, there are other great shots of her so figured why not show those as well, like...

Running to the vault:

 Leaping up and forward to snap herself off the vault:

 High on the bars:

 Spinning and landing:

 This seemed like too many shots but I couldn't decide which one to cut. each one has its own uniqueness:

 More suspending in air...this time in a pike position:

 Running all-out to get to tumbling speed:

I've always loved this pose:

and her flexibility:

 ...and of course I love capturing my Julia:

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