Sunday, December 13, 2015

Now THAT's a Proper Birthday - 2015 Amy Grant - Michael W Smith Concert

I was a pretty lame husband this last week.

I know my wife and I say we'd rather not succumb to the shallow, "Gimme a great birthday experience" as a measurement of each others's love...


We both feel pretty blue if the other doesn't put some effort into our birthday days.

Well, I didn't do a thing. Although we both knew we had tickets to a great concert the next night, it still didn't help her actual day...not to mention that other events made my wife's birthday pretty darned awful!

So I had a chance to offer her a "Birthday Do-over".
  • Drove to Minnetonka to see her old pottery teacher (who happens to be a world-famous potter) and buy some pot(tery)
  • Went to Outback Steakhouse for early appetizers
  • Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith concert
  • After-show drinks and dessert at Loon cafe
  • Night in hotel with FREE breakfast after a sleep-in morning
  • Meandering walk around Mall of America
It was quite a fantastic evening. The only glitch was the crazy security screening at Target Center...45 minutes of endless lines to get through metal detectors...horrible organization...and ended up missing 2 opening songs.

But as we rushed in, and it was as if Mike and Amy were looking our way, saying "Welcome. Glad you made it! You're going to love this"

They traded singing favorite Christmas songs, they sang and played together on songs they co-wrote or played on "back then". They both seemed quite emotional as the songs they played brought memories, possible regrets, thoughts of family who are no longer here, and their relationship to their Savior was very much present.

What a fantastic night.

...and it was with a full orchestra!

From what Amy said, the front of stage was the touring band, and the back of stage were local musicians. That was pretty cool, too.

A highlight: When they both sang Christmas carols and had us sing along. We all got out our LED phone flashlights...and it was a magical site...hearing the audience sing along, feeling the love and community...wonderful.

After, we ended up at The Loon continue the great night, and to let the parking traffic die down...and to have a really awesome nachos with top shelf margarita and whisky manhattan. While this is the least in-focus photo, it might be my favorite of the night...a happy wife...

...with a grateful husband.

Here's to life!

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