Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sunsets, Aruba, and Peace

By the time we landed in Aruba, we had already had quite an adventure in New York City on New Years Eve. To be honest, we wondered if we would find this island as wonderful as the island we visited the night before.

Then we saw the sunsets. And by the time we left, we had remembered that if we pause each evening...together...thinking about what we have...who we precious our time is...we will enjoy life more, appreciate the moments more, and not let little troubles cloud our attitude...

...after all, as you can see...a few clouds makes the experience richer, more textured, all around better than if it was only a clear horizon with no context.

(click photo to view larger photos...they're really awesome larger!)
Apparently our resort on Eagle Beach was THE PERFECT location to view sunsets

The glistening wet sand as the waves retreat into the water added a unique sparkle as if we were witnessing a 'double' sunset.

The ability to float in the very salty, perfect temperature water and take in the sunset was unforgettable. I love how the silhouettes of my kids reinforce this immersive experience we had...all together.

Some sunsets were enjoyed laying on the beach chairs and letting the trade winds keep us perfectly content...

Even the US Coast Guard (who patrols the waters between Aruba and Venezuela) added to the beauty of this night's nearly cloudless sunset.

Still other nights the pirate ship, announcing a night of fun was about to commence, provided a stunning pairing to the sun as it set.

Some sunsets became more stunning with guest appearances by various ships

I learned early to turn the camera around and capture who I get to share these sunsets with. I think it just makes them all the more better.

Especially if we can share the sunset by floating next to each other

One of my favorites. My waterproof camera provided some fantastic sunset photos...I love how the waves sparkle like diamonds in the setting sun light.

...or this one that shows how the setting sunlight is still strong enough to pierce waves and show wave-innards.

Or how this sunset captured native wild-life in flight

...or how my wife simply paused...relaxed...focused...and let herself be carried away by the setting sun

Of course my girls couldn't resist taking a handstand photo with the sunset!

Last sunset of our trip was also enjoyed by pelican and sailboat. I honestly think we had the better view...the sailboat people didn't have an awesome sailboat in their view!

A different sunset, same beautiful lady.

Last view, a touch of clouds...adding to the texture, an observation I forget far too often.

A happy, beautiful, content lady at peace. That is the goal, after all, isn't it?

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