Saturday, February 13, 2016

Underwater Family Adventure

Our most recent vacation involved our first snorkeling adventure.

It certainly won’t be our last. The whole experience is something every business could learn from. From the price, the 'on-boarding experience', complete with river boat to the catamaran, to the core experience of snorkeling, to the snacks, drinks, end of the event sail into the setting sun, and the exit...everything was perfect.

We had so much stinking fun … it was scary, new, fun, lovely, silent, noisy, lonely, shared...all at the same time.

…and while I hate espousing the wonders of technology, I have to say my underwater camera ($100 steal on Black Friday…Nikon AW130) was an absolute gem…not only for these underwater shots, but for the adventure days (horses and off-roading)…where we ended up with some fantastic shots that the ‘good’ camera would have failed at and a phone would have dropped.

So lets begin with the ever popular selfie

Although, this is nothing new. Me and the missus have been doing that since we met in 1986...before it was fashionable :-)

Our snorkeling started on a catamaran…simply a beautiful day/boat/event...

When the boat stopped at our first site, we were given literally a 2 second primer on WHERE to find the flippers and mask…not how to use them…so after finding our gear and getting my youngest on his way, I plunged into the choppy waves...

…and saw a WW 2 German boat:

…and how life grows from anything

I then wondered how my kids were doing? Maybe they were nervous, timid?

Far from it!!

…Renna looked like she didn’t even need a snorkel to breathe underwater:

…Cole was enjoying his own adventure and swooped right by me

…Julia was practicing her Special Forces diving skills,

…and I later learned that Jack was getting used to this new experience by jumping on and off the boat like a spy movie complete with GoPro camera.

Our next stop was a coral reef.

Not only did we see an amazing underwater world...

...but I got to hold my wife’s hand while we explored this magical place :-)

Then I just lost myself in finding very interesting sea life to take photos of...

The ultimate find, though, the absolute best part of this experience, was watching how all of us utterly enjoyed the experience:






And of course Cole, who immersed himself in this.

By the time we finished, we all agreed that this was one of our best adventures yet. And you want to know a secret? IT WAS ONLY $36 each!!! (Thanks Viator!)  Now THAT is awesome. I actually suggested they charge more in the future, but she just smiled and knew that the more amazed I was at the trip, the more I would tell others...

…Thank you Aruba Catamaran Sail with Snorkel!…you gave our family memories we’ll never forget.

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