Monday, November 23, 2009

2009-11-21: Pastel Black

11-21-2009: Pastel Black
Where: Rookies, Rochester, MN 
Went with: Wife, Steve and Jen, Jane
Times: 4 times!IMG_2334

…or as I call them “The Oomlat Boys”. I love these guys. It’s a somewhat local band that plays 80’s hair metal. Just Love it! Even better, the bass player in our worship band, Mark, just started playing bass with them. So now I can hear my favorite music thru my favorite cover band with my favorite bass player!

I’ve seen other cover bands and I have wondered why I like these guys so much? Here are a few thoughts:

- Steve: My friend Steve works with the guitar guy (WooooW is guitar-guy good!!!) and dragged me to Winona to see them…then to Pine Island…then to Winona again. It’s great fun to hang out with him (also since I have so few friends…but enough non-roboty talk)

- They really respect the music! The singer is older but can hit the notes wonderfully. Guitar-guy is younger but can hit every note like any guitar-god. Drummer…good! Bass player…lovely! I think other bands almost mock the music but these guys have so much fun…and they’re not crude or lude just wonderfully fun

- The oomlat is over the ‘S’ of Pastel Black. That is soooo funny to me. Classic rock-n-roll style…like flipping the bird at authority in a wonderfully wholesome manner!

-They let me sing TNT! Rockin!!!! (That’s me and grandpa singer)


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