Friday, November 13, 2009

2009-09-29: Miley Cyrus

09-29-2009: Miley Cyrus
Where: Target Center, Minneapolis
Went with: Nobody! Girlies and Niece went together

Ok. I didn't go to this concert but I paid for it so my girls and niece could...and am so glad I did! They loved it and I felt I got closer to them because now we have more in common. There's just nothing like it.
Update: After this initial post, I received some ‘parenting guidance’ on how terrible it was to let them go to this concert. I withheld any commenting but considered showing my ‘Devil-Horn’ photo from the AC/DC concert and how I would LOVE to share that experience with my son. While I am a Jesus-follower, I’m getting quite tired of holy zealots and their goal to ‘shock’ the world to understand how evil it is. I actually think that Jesus wouldn’t mind rockin’ out to some AC/DC or Miley. He would find the concert-goers wonderfully kind and engaging, and find the concert a great talking point to explore the topics that are brought up.
My other idea was to say, “It’s just entertainment!!! Now, where’s my ‘how to prostitutionalize your daughters in 5 Miley steps’ monthly newsletter? AH THERE IT IS…right next to my Patron for kids video and my I heart the devil t-shirt”
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