Monday, July 5, 2010

Everything I Know About User Experience I Learned from Jimmy Buffett

I am very excited to share that my 75th published article (mostly in systems management trade magazines) can now be found in Interactions Magazine (click for online magazine preview), an industry-leading magazine on human-computer interaction.

Article: click HERE to read

I’ve been waiting nearly a year to share this.

It’s inspired by the Jimmy Buffett concert I went to with my wife. I submitted the article last August, it was accepted in September ‘09, but had to wait until now so that it fit with the theme with other articles.

Enjoy. We sure did :-)

Karyn's iPhone 144 2009-07 cabin and Jimmy Buffet 045


Note: While I authored this, I want to honor the reproduction specifics by listing the content below. If you like this, there are many articles like it…check the magazine out!

Volume 17 ,  Issue 4  (July + August 2010) table of contents
SECTION: The mystery of product development table of contents
Pages: 6-8         Year of Publication: 2010


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