Saturday, January 17, 2015

Just Doing What She Loves

"Just do what you love...don't worry about what others think"

The wisdom of Eddie And The Cruisers II continues to inspire...

...and just in time. I just got back from my Julia's gymnastics meet. The meet itself was OK, but frustrating...for me (and for her). I know she struggled, and in my hopes to raise her spirit, I didn't feel I took any good pictures. After processing them I feel there are some decent shots, but not great (I am used to getting her in the perfect the top of the leap, at the perfect position)... I played with Lightroom to see if I could tease out some good shots.

You know what?

I captured Julia's character:

Precision...from 20/hr a week dedication

Perfection...during warmups

Focus...and not caring what others think solitude do what she loves

Effortless...backed by tons of effort

Friendship...with a coach who cares

Mounting up...after scratching bars what life throws her way

Balance...during struggles

Alone...but determined

Processing emotion when down...

Massaging...and resolving

Solitude...and a decision

Deciding to perform her best...doing what she loves

Thank you, J.  I really love watching you do what you love.
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