Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Horse Show - Splendid!

I couldn't figure out how to title this blog...

...if I should start the post with a British accent (she is learning English horse riding after all) or a more accurate...

..."I got to shoot horses this weekend!"...

...but that might cause a stir...but it was the first time I got to take photos of a horse show (other than trail riding, but then I usually just get horse-butt shots).

Like the title says, it was a splendid day! She takes lessons at The Stables Equestrian Center a great place to learn all you want about horses. She absolutely loves taking horse lessons. While she is learning a ton, and becoming quite experienced, in the end she really loves just being with horses. Loves it!

I'm so proud of her to explore what she loves to do.

I loved taking photos of her and her horse as one...

In fact, I found many photos I liked...so here's a photo album that tells the story...and shows how picturesque horse farms can be!

(Click the photo to see full album)
2016-05 Horse Show - Renna

I can't wait for the next one!

I should end that a week after this, a horse zigged while Renna zagged, so she is the proud owner of a concussion! She'll be fine, but we are learning that horse riding is always an adventure.

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