Monday, May 23, 2016

Julia Fun At A Track Meet

I got to see Julia race for the first time.

It was also the first time I got to shoot track meet photos.

I had a blast!

She did great and was quite competitive! This is the 100M Hurdles.

She was neck and neck with this competitor...

...and at the very end the competitor pushed ahead to get first.

Julia got a very nice 2nd!

Here she is racing the 300M Hurdles.

(I love this 18-300 zoom lens I got...makes GREAT shots from very far away)

...and great shots when I'm close up, too!  Perfect lens for shooting near and far with just seconds to switch.

Her last race was the 200M Dash.

She raced quite well!

All racers crossing the finish line.

What a great day for a track meet! She got her personal best in all events, and I'm very excited to see how she does next year.
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