Wednesday, February 16, 2011

857,942nd Follower

It’s dark

My pack is heavy

The path is narrow

I can see where I’m going by the light in the distance

Not doing a lot of talking

My head is down

I am (mostly) surefooted

I am focused on the journey

There’s excitement up at the front, but not back here

The One I’m following is up there

He called me to follow Him when I was young

I answered the call

I’ve been following ever since

At times I’ve been sold out

Other times not so much

But I know this is where I’m meant to be

I know to my core this is the Way, the Truth, the Life

There’s a long line behind me

There's an even longer line in front of me

I know people up front, excited, talking a lot

They’re really close to Him

They talk directly with Him

My Dad is way up there sharing wisdom

My Grandma smiles at His stories

My brother talks to strangers about Him

Me? I’m back here

I’m serving in the band

It’s what I’ve been called to do

I help create a ‘moment’ so He can call others

I think it helps open their ears to hear Him

Some answer His call and start their journey

Soon they pass me by

They join the excited up at the front

They celebrate their changed lives


I’m still following

At a distance

I’m following

But it’s a lot of work


Not doing a lot of talking

I am a follower

But following doesn’t require conversation

Only obedience

I want something deeper

I want to join the excited at the front

I want to say hi to Him

Be passionate for Him

Be sold out again

Ask Him questions

And listen…

And understand…

And smile…

…and rest.

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