Thursday, April 12, 2012

Deep Florida Vacation Thoughts

While on vacation in Ft. Meyers last week with my wife's extended family, I found myself thinking some pretty deep thoughts.

As a public service I am sharing some of the deepest:

~~~ Perspective ~~~

I'm not usually the one that goes grocery shopping for the family, but I've helped enough to know what we usually get (PS: the wife is an amazing shopper. She gets super healthy stuff, organic when it matters, and even a small something sweet). However, the wife and I had to pick up food for the week at the local Publix while in Ft. Meyers beach.

I have to tell you...

...when the food you choose is what you have to carry 2 miles home have an ENTIRELY different perspective. It seems that the more healthy items are top choices for keeping the bags light and few.

For example: Pop? No chance. I'm not carrying pop for my kids. It's heavy! And chips? While not heavy, they take a lot of space...and more bags = harder to carry (instead we got un-popped popcorn...much lighter per ounce eaten).

~~~ Creation ~~~

I never like getting sandy...until I do...
...and once past that barrier, I help build some pretty cool sand creations (and have tons of fun while doing it!). My favorite creation I helped my girls make is a Mouse head...that grew an alligator's body. A Mousigator... (my better half suggests Mousidile). Later we built a mouse with an alligator's head; an Allimouse. Here's the finished creation (Wren made the snout...pretty good, I think)

The next day my 3 year old niece wanted to make something so we created a small mouse head. It was great to briefly have something in common with her...even if it was a small mouse head with a flag poking out of its ear. She then wanted to draw the mouth and asked, "Is it a happy mouse?" I replied, "Yep! was happy until the 'incident'". That was a pretty good bonding moment I tell ya...

...and leaves the creation of the story describing the dark and sordid past of this particular mouse wide open :-)

Maybe there are other things I don't like doing just becaues they're messy, but that once I get past it, I find they are quite fun.

~~~ Focus ~~~

While looking at some photos of the beach, I noticed that if I focused closely, I could gain a much greater appreciation for the various sea creatures that shared the beach with us...

Here's the original that Karyn took while we made you see the creatures?

Here is a focused shot of them:

Here's the original of Allimouse as it looked down the beach:

Here is a focused shot:

Finally, here is a great shot of our girls playing in the tide pool:

...aaaaand here's a focused shot:

~~~ Perfection ~~~

Beer on the beach is good. Really good. I usually avoid having anything in the daytime, and I learned that while flying beer really goofs with my head...but on the beach, with the salty air, and the sun, and the cold lime-tinged is a perfect combination.

~~~ Memories ~~~

Seafood in local fish restaurants is The best places are so basic  (no windows, plastic utensils) that it's obvious they spend all their time on catching and cooking great food. I also learned a big lesson: fried in seafood-lingo does NOT mean "pan-fried", it means breaded and deep fried. I am not a fan because you don't taste the seafood as much as you should. Broiled is definitely the way to go. Especially scallops. I LOVE big 'ol scallops.

~~~ Life Lessons ~~~

Finally, and deepest thought: I learned why my towel always hangs on the left hook...why my water glass is the left one... and why I sleep on the left side of the bed...

...because my wife is always right.
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