Monday, April 2, 2012

My Winter Blanket

Note: I initially wrote this at the beginning of February. I never posted it because it sounds pretty sad and if I write too many of sad ones in a row, people start to worry (or worse, bring up the 'd' word). But right now I'm watching the sun drift into the gulf of mexico while my wife pretties herself up for the evening (who am I kidding...she's crazy gorgeous all the time). In this blessed moment, I can appreciate how having lows make the highs more appreciated.'s just a part of who I am, another lens of my life, and I think I'm not the only one... here it is.

"My Winter Blanket"

It comes out each January 

It envelops me

I hold it close

I need it...

...but I don't like it

It keeps me distant

Mutes all of my senses

But I cling to it

My Love tries to pull it off...

...I snap it back.

She stops trying

I think part of my blanket falls on her, too

Why don't I just take it off?

I need it?

Makes me feel important?

It's not on year round...

...only winter

...when it's cold

...when I'm cold

I wear it at night

I wear it at work

I wear it at church

...especially church

Sometimes it falls off when I play guitar

I like that.

Makes that time sparkle

But it usually finds its way back on

My kids notice

"Why are you so sad today?"

or worse...they wear their own blanket

What a gift... dad-made, multi-generational, winter blanket

How thoughtful.

Come spring it's put away

By summer I've forgotten all about it

The fall is exciting...a new beginning!

...and then it's winter...

...and I greet my winter blanket.


But I have hope.

I recognize my winter blanket for what it is

I'm studying what it's made of... it clings to me

...what I can do to let it fall off keep it off

Is it working?


I feel spring coming...

...both through the warmer weather...

..and through the warmer moods...

I guess we'll find out next winter.

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